A full node in a box for Raspberry Pi's based on Raspbian

write to sdcard, plugin & play Asset Harmonica

Never before has running a Ravencoin Node been so easy

By running this automatic ravencoin node software you are securing the Ravencoin network with your low power raspberry pi in a really significant way. It might not look like much what your doing, bu your actions can help add security to the network, and in turn ensure trust and value of the Ravencoin ch ain.

RavencoinOS Beta out now!

  • Fully Automated Ravencoin Network Sync (experimental)
  • support for Mango Farms ravencoinipfs.com swarm
  • Fully Automated IPFS setup, Ravencoin Full node
  • Added additional ipfslog windows (experimental)
  • Download Latest RavencoinOS for RPI4

    ravencoinOS-release-candidate-3-rpi4   Ravencoin OS preloaded Ravencoin Chain + Ravencoin IPFS_HASH mirror (0GB but will download on boot) Total Size: ~28GB

    ravencoionOS-release-candidate-3-rpi3only   Ravencoin OS for Rpi3 with chain + Ravencoin IPFS_HASH mirror/pinner (0GB but will download on boot) Total Size: ~27GB

    Setup Instructions

  • 1. Download the latest RavencoinOS image here
  • 2. Download win32 Disk Imager here
  • 3. Use win32 disk imager to write the image to your Raspberry PI SD CARD
  • 4. Insert into RPI and turn on!
  • 5. Profit.
  • This w32disk imager is confusing. How do I prepare my sdcard on my rpi for this truly simple automatic ravencoin node?

    If I have downloaded the image to D:\ and my rpi SD card to 'burn to' is E:\ do the below steps before inserting your sdcard into your raspberry pi. Plug in network cable. Turn on. Walk away. Celebrate. Do a little dance. Get up tonight.